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Artist Statement


 I am interested in the Joy and Freedom that we cannot include in our daily lives: in our routine, in our sexuality, in our relationships, in our choices and how these determine a common collective reality where the "genuine being" struggles to express itself. innovate and transform collective thinking.


I represent the stars, the beauty of the female body, nature, the patterns of order and balance evoked by geometry and archetypes.

In my pictorial language, saturated colors evoke different vibrational frequencies, while monochrome palettes represent a specific vibrational state.

The line establishes a connection, the form is matter, the color is vibration, the space is possibility, the composition a choice, the abstraction the origin.


As for the materials, the use of acrylic evokes the layers of consciousness. Watercolor and gouache techniques channel the flow of emotions.

Chinese ink contemplates the essential of the form and its details, while the collage enriches and expands the possibilities. I also re-signify stories and memories by altering objects.

Art allows me to dive into my spirituality, live in the present and express my authenticity.

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